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Farm Frenzy 2 Gold Walkthrough

Level 1 : Chicken Lane 1
Difficulty: easy

This is the tutorial level. Because of the tutorial pop-ups, it's not possible to get a good time the first time around. Replay the level to get a better score.

Need: 4 eggs
Start with: 2 chickens
Gold time: 1:00
Best time: 0:37

Buy a third chicken as soon as the game allows you to click the buy button.

It took me several tries to get the best time on this level. My best time was 0:34, beating the game's best time by 3 seconds.


Level 2 : Chicken Lane 2
Difficulty: easy

Need: 6 eggs, 3 chickens
Start with: 2 chickens
Gold time: 1:30
Best time: 1:08

The trick is to collect two eggs and immediately send them off to be sold. Every second counts. The moment the truck is back, buy a third chicken.

My best time was 1:06.


Level 3 : Powder Street 1
Difficulty: easy

Upgrade required: powdered egg factory
Need: 6 eggs, 3 chickens, 2 powders
Start with: 2 chickens
Gold time: 2:00
Best time: 1:13

Construst the egg powder factory. Wait until the first bear and then sell it with the first powder. As soon as the truck is back, buy the last chicken.

My best time was 1:08.


Level 4 : Powder Street 2
Difficulty: easy

Upgrade required: bakery
Need: 2 buns, 2 chickens
Start with:
Gold time: 2:30
Best time: 1:53

Buy a chicken as soon as the game lets you click. Then buy the powder factory. Sell the bear. Sell the second bear with the first powder. Buy the bakery. Sell the third bear. Sell the bun. Buy the last chicken.

My best time was 1:47.


Level 5 : Powder Street 3
Difficulty: hard

Upgrade required: powdered egg factory
Need: 12 powders, 1 flour
Start with: 6 chickens
Gold time: 2:50
Best time: 2:43

A surprisingly hard level. I must have re-played at least ten times, sometimes even missing Silver!

As soon as the level starts, sell 4 chickens. As soon as the truck comes back, buy the powdered egg factory and start making powders. Sell any bears and buns.

If you get 2 bears and you have some buns, sell 1 bear and the buns, not 2 bears.

As soon as you can, upgrade the factory, buy the flour, and buy another chicken, in that order.

The worst you can do is over-water the grass. There's a point where you have 110 coins and a truck is coming back with 140, and you're running out of grass. Upgrade the factory, not buy grass.

My best time was 2:28.


Level 6 : Crossroads 1
Difficulty: easy

Upgrade required: bakery
Need: 20 eggs, 5 powders, 10 buns
Start with:
Gold time: 3:10
Best time: 3:03

Buy 2 chickens as soon as the level loads. Buy another chicken as soon as you can. Upgrade the bakery as soon as you can.

My best time was 2:52.


Level 7 : Cake Street 1
Difficulty: easy

Upgrade required: bakery
Need: 6 chickens, 16 powders, 12 buns
Start with: 1 chicken
Gold time: 3:00
Best time: 2:55

Immediately buy 2 more chickens. Sell the two bears and upgrade the bakery. Keep selling buns and bears, with a preference for buns. Upgrade the powder factory. Buy the rest of the chickens.

My best time was 2:37.


Level 8 : Cake Street 2
Difficulty: easy

Need: 16 buns, $800
Start with:
Gold time: 3:10
Best time: 3:07

As soon as the level loads, buy four chickens and upgrade the powder factory. Upgrade the bakery as soon as you can.

Powder Street 4
Powder Street 4 is also very easy.

Goal: $2000
Starting cash: $1000
Gold time: 3:30

Buy a pig. Ignore the buildings and chickens.

Sell the first pork for money for the well. Be careful about overplanting grass. Despite the presence of the dogs, you won't get bears on this level.

Wait until you have 4 more pork and take those to the market. You should have over $900.

Wait until you have 3 more pork, and then sell both the pork AND the pig.

Chicken Lane 1
The first game of the Commissioner, the Commissioner is also teaching, with teaching buy a chicken, eggs can be seized four.

Chicken Lane 2
Teaching is also the Commissioner, seized eggs sold, buy a chicken. Waiting for the full six eggs were seized.

Powder Street 1
Directed to a map of the SHOP buy equipment. Directed buy "ball rice noodle" (powdered eggs) factories, seizedthe egg to start producing egg powder. Xiong also beginning to emerge, grasping bears, and egg powder to sell. To buy chicken, OK.

Powder Street 2
Buy a chicken and egg powder plant. Do not buy water. 2 bears sell, buy a chicken. Xiong and sell an egg powder 1, to deposit money to buy cakes (bread) plant. how the first stars can be bought SHOP Lv.2 Cage, and other things.

Powder Street 3
4 chicken selling, buying ball rice noodle factory. First do not buy water, bears and selling cakes, upgrading ball rice noodle factory. To buy water and the use of aircraft to buy flour. 2:31

Powder Street 4
Buy a pig and sell the meat 3. Purchase of water. 5 sell meat and pig. 2:52

Powder Street 5
Health and a chicken egg, and so on. Immediately sell five chickens and a bear, for $ 310, 0:19. Immediately ball rice noodle factory production, to buy flour 1. Xiong sell 1. Cake factory to buy cakes. Point plant can be accelerated.

Crossroads 1
Buy two chickens, bears and selling cakes, buy a chicken and water, bread factory to save money on upgrades.

Cake Street 1
Buy two chickens. Sell 2 bears, ball rice noodle production, upgrading of the pie factory, producing 2 cakes. + Ball rice noodle factory upgrade to buy chickens.

Cake Street 2
4 buy chickens. Upgrade ball rice noodle factory. 2 bears sell. Purchase of water. 1 + 2 Xiong selling cakes. After the car came back, a warehouse, such as 4 + 6 ball rice noodle cakes sold at the time. Reached 800 yuan. Further escalation of the pie factory. 2:4 x

Cake Street 3
3 chicken to buy, buy ball rice noodle factories rose to two. 4 selling cakes, upgrading ball rice noodle factory Lv.3. Buy a chicken.

Cake Street 4
4 selling chicken and selling bears. Do not upgrade factories, buy directly along the left side of the new ball rice noodle factory, and the new cake factory. Save money to buy chickens.

Cake Street 5
Bought ball rice noodle factory and upgrade to the maximum.

Cake Street 6
Sell 10 chickens. 1 + 5 Xiong selling chickens. 2 bears sell. 2 bears sell. Buy pig.

Bun Lane 1
5 sell chickens. Money on upgrading the pie factory. 3:04

Bun Lane 2
Buy a chicken and sell 2 Xiong buy two chickens, and then gradually sell cakes to buy a total of six chickens to chickens. To upgrade ball rice noodle factory. OK.

Bun Lane 3
4 selling chicken, egg powder plant upgrade to buy x4. Cake factory upgrade to x3. Truck back to upgrade the pie factory. To buy flour.
To buy cakes or ball rice noodle factory Zaisheng cake factory. OK.

Cake Street 1
Buy three chickens. 2 bears sell. Purchase of water. Selling cakes to buy chickens, to a total of six chickens. 2 buy flour. Buy cake factory. OK. 2:28

Cake Street 2
4 buy chickens. Brown bears and selling the meat. Buy two chickens. 4 buy flour. Sell panda and cakes. Buy cake factory. Sell all the meat and cakes, buy Qierou plant (Meat Cutter). OK.

Crossroads 2
4 buy chickens, three cotton, a water. 2 bears sell. Bears do not have to come back on. Sell cake and more cake can be.
Do not have to buy pig. If not upgrade the storage, or the time can be.

Pork Street 1
Ban Fenzhong, and so after about three bears, two selling points start. Buy pigs, and so it raw.

Pork Street 2
Sell cattle, to buy a pig 4 chicken, egg powder and cake factory to buy, upgrade to x3. 5 to buy cotton. Meat, and so do a good job, to buy cake factory upgrade to x3. 0:50

Meat Street 1 - 10 meat
4 from selling chickens. 10 to buy flour, upgrade storage, is very simple.

Meat Street 2
7 + to buy chickens from 10 cotton, is very simple. 3:58

Meat Street 3
2 pigs from 6 to buy chickens, is very simple.

Product Street 7

    When the bears land, capture a Black Bear and send it, plus one chicken, to market. If you have another Black Bear in a cage, store it in the warehouse. Your truck will bring back $230.
    While the truck travels to market, your remaining chickens will lay 4 eggs. Start processing as soon as you have 3 eggs. When the car returns from market, send your second Black Bear and the last 4 chickens ($180 + $200 = $380, bringing your total to $610).
    Catch another Black Bear while the truck is going to market. Take the 3 egg powders and start making buns, and start making the 4th egg into egg powder. When the truck returns, you will send it off again with another Black Bear, plus 3 buns ($180 + $240 = $420, bringing your total to $1030).
    As soon as your truck gets back from town, buy a pig.
    Send your plane off for flour and a tray ($30) as soon as you get the pig!
    You now have plenty of time to turn your 4th egg into cake, as well as make a tray of meat.

Level: Hat Street 3
Objective: 5 ostriches
Starting animals: 10 cows
Starting money: $0
Best Time 4:12

- start by immediately sending 1 cow to market and placing down all of your grass.
- trap both bears that fall. you can place one in your shed if you like but it doesn't matter
- as soon as the truck gets back, get more water, lay down some more grass, and fully upgrade your storage shed.
- Collect all of the milk bottles and both bears
- upgrade your truck 2 times
- send all of the milk to market
- your cows will continue to make milk so keep collecting it. Also don't be stingy on the grass. I've had my cows die even when there was grass for them.
- keep collecting milk and bears and sending them to market, start adding 1 cow per trip to market
- send your plane to buy 3 hats and 5 sleeves. When it gets back send away for 2 more hats.
(don't forget to do this while building up your money or they won't be ready when you need em)
- the goal is to be able to buy an ostrich by 2 mins
- sell all of your cows except for 2 so that you can still collect and sell milk
- As soon as your ostrich drops its first feather send it to the fan building. Click continuously on the building to help the production go faster. Be careful though. Watch the little yellow orange and red meter on the left side of the progress meter. If it goes all the way down your building will explode.
- From here on its just making dresses and selling them as soon as you get em along with the milk, bears, and finally the cows
- I also upgraded my truck one more time before sending the last dress to market so it would get back faster.

Farm frenzy 2 cake street 1 solution
Posted: August 29, 2008 at 09:28
You start the level out with $9900. Don't buy anything yet. Wait maybe 10 to 15 seconds and catch the two bears and sell them. You will then have over $10,000. Buy the cow. Get one milk. Sell the cow and the milk together. Buy a chicken and as soon as you have the money from the cow, buy a pig. Make sure you turn the egg into the powder before you buy the machine for the pig. Hope this helps.

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